Why Safepots’s backup markers don’t appear correctly?

  • First of all, check if this option is enabled:
    From the Safepots desktop software:
    1. Right-click Safepots agent in the system tray and select Open dashboard.
    2. Refer to Settings → Advanced settings.
    3. Make sure that the option Show backup markers on backed up files are selected. From Safepots website (If you are using a policy):
    1. Go to the Policies tab.
    2. Select the policy that is assigned to you.
    3. Click on Edit.
    4. Refer to the Settings tab.
    5. Enable Safepots Markers.
  • If you use more than one program that uses icon overlays, Windows will disable some of the overlays, so try disabling the overlays of the other programs.
  • Safepots folder markers will not appear on Windows 7 Library folders “Pictures, Music…” due to the fact that Windows design prohibits giving third-party overlays on these folders. You will find the icons working properly on the folders and files inside it.

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