MS SQL Machine Activation

Before you start backing up your MS SQL databases by Safepots, you will need to do the following preparations on the computer running the MS SQL Server:

  • Open your MS SQL Server configuration Manager → Click MS SQL Server Network Configuration on the left panel → Click Protocols for MSSQLSERVER.

Double-click the Named Pipes protocol to open the Named Pipes Properties window → From Enabled, select Yes → Click OK.

Double-click the TCP/IP protocol to open the TCP/IP Properties window → On the Protocol tab, ensure Yes is selected for Enabled → Go to the IP addresses tab → Refer to the IPAll section → Make sure the TCP Dynamic Ports field is empty and TCP Port is 1433 → Click OK.

From Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio →  Right-click on the server name → Click on  Properties.

Click Connections on the left panel of the Server Properties window → Check the Allow remote access to MS SQL server option → Click OK.

  • Restart the Server.
  • Open the MS SQL Server configuration Manager → Click MS SQL Server Services on the left panel → Right-click MS SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) →  Restart.

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