How can I un-assign/remove a policy from a user?

  • Sign into your Safepots online account.
  • Refer to the Users/Servers tab.
  • Select the Users option from the left side menu. A list of your added users will be shown, and you can see if a policy is assigned for each user or not by noticing the POLICY column for each user.
  • Click the Actions icon for the user you wish to remove the policy assigned to him/her → Select the Remove Policy option.
  • A confirmation message will be shown. Click OK.
  • On the computer where Safepots software is installed, wait for 15 minutes for Safepots to take the new changes so the user can edit his/her Data Selections and Settings from there, or force the immediate synchronization, by right-clicking Safepots agent (icon) in the system tray (Taskbar) → Tools → Synchronize Account.

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