How can I un-assign/remove a policy for a server?

  • Sign into your Safepots online account.
  • Refer to the Users/Servers tab.
  • Select the Servers option from the left side menu. A list of your added servers will be shown, and you can see if a policy is assigned for each server or not by noticing the POLICY column for each server.
  • Click the Actions icon for the server you wish to remove the policy assigned to it → Select the Remove Policy option.
  • A confirmation message will be shown. Click OK.
  • On the server where Safepots software is installed, wait for 15 minutes for Safepots to take the new changes so you can edit your Data Selections and Settings from there, or force the immediate synchronization, by right-clicking Safepots agent (icon) in the system tray (Taskbar) → Tools → Synchronize Account.

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