How can I generate image preview for RAW image?

[otw_shortcode_tabslayout tabs=”2″ tab_1_title=”Method 1″ tab_1_content=”<ol><li>Right-click Safepots agent (Icon) in the system tray (Taskbar) and select <strong>Open Dashboard</strong>.</li><li>Click on <strong>Settings </strong>and then select <strong>Advanced Settings.</strong></li><li>Enable the option to <strong>Generate image preview for RAW (additional processing)</strong>.</li><li>Save the changes.</li></ol>” tab_2_title=”Method 2″ tab_2_content=”<ol><li>Sign into your Safepots online account.</li><li>Go to the <strong>Policies </strong>tab.</li><li>Create a new policy or edit the existing one.</li><li>Go to the <strong>Settings </strong>tab and then check the box next to <strong>Generate image preview for RAW (additional processing)</strong>.</li><li>Save the policy.</li></ol>”][/otw_shortcode_tabslayout]

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