Direct upload of your files from any Computer even if Safepots is not installed on it

  • Sign into your Safepots online account.
  • From the left side menu, click the Discover option.

Select the Cloud Drive from the left side panel of the Discover Data page.

  • Drag-drop files/folders from anywhere into the root of this Cloud Drive folder, or create a new folder there, and drag/drop the data into it.

You can also use the options there to perform several actions, which are:

  • Delete selected data by selecting file(s)/folder(s) and clicking the Delete icon ().
  • Share selected data by selecting file(s)/folder(s) and clicking the Share icon ().
  • Download selected data by selecting file(s)/folder(s) and clicking the Download icon ().
  • Refresh the page by clicking the Refresh icon ().
  • Upload files to the Cloud Drive by clicking the Upload icon () and selecting the wanted file.
  • Create a new folder inside the Cloud Drive main folder by clicking the New Folder icon ().
  • View the deleted files by clicking the Show Deleted Items icon ().

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