How can I manage admin privileges?

By default, the admin will have full privileges. However, you can edit the privileges to be given to the admin, directly when you set the user as admin. If you decided to change the privileges given for any admin under your Safepots Business account, here is what you’ll need to do: Sign […]

Can I prevent an Admin user from changing his privileges?

Sign in to your Safepots online account. On the upper right corner, and next to your name, expand the arrow in the top right corner and select the Manage Admins option. From the Manage Admins window, click the Edit icon for the admin you want to change his/her given privileges. From the window that will open, set the Manage Admins privilege to […]

How To Archive a Computer With Safepots

If you no longer want to backup a certain computer but you want to keep its data to restore from it later, then archiving the computer is the best option for you. The following describes in details how you can archive a computer: Sign into your Safepots online account. From the left […]

How To Suspend a Computer With Safepots

Whenever you install Safepots on a machine/device and configure the backup, a new device will be added to your Safepots online account. If you wish to temporarily stop backing up a certain computer/device, then suspending it is the best option for you. Suspending a device is like pausing the backup […]

Safepots options in context menu

Safepots provides the following options in the Windows context menu: Add to backup: This option will appear when right-clicking a file/folder which is not included in the backup. Remove from backup: This option will appear when right-clicking a file/folder which is included in the backup. Safepots: This option enables you to View deleted files and […]

Multi-threaded Upload

This method of uploading files will speed up your backup by uploading more than one batch at a time. On the other hand, this means that more bandwidth will be used, since we are uploading more files at a time. You can enable/disable the Multithreaded upload option as the following: […]

Bandwidth Throttling

Safepots backs up to Amazon S3 servers and does not limit or cap uploading speed unless the user chooses to throttle the bandwidth taken by Safepots. You can enable the bandwidth throttling and schedule it (if needed) as the following: Method 1: Using Safepots Desktop software Right-click the Safepots agent […]

Scan all your selections periodically

You can now force Safepots to scan all your selected directories on a regular basis in order to find and back up any new or modified files. Here is how to achieve this: Method 1: Using the Safepots Desktop Software Right-click on the Safepots agent (Icon) in the system tray (Taskbar), […]

No-Safepots Zone

When you install the Safepots desktop software on your Windows machine, you will find that a new folder with the name of No-Safepots Zone has been created on your desktop. You can use this No-Safepots Zone folder to prevent Safepots from backing up certain files/folders by simply drag/drop them into it. This way, if […]